As well as performing and composing, Ash Withey also teaches piano/keyboard and guitar at his home or at the students' home. He teaches in a fun and relevant way to suit the student. 

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Piano & Keyboard

Ash Withey has been teaching Piano/Keyboard for over 15 years and can teach students from beginners to advanced. He has grade 8 Piano with ABRSM and a Degree from the London College of Music.


Lessons on Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitar and Bass guitar are available by Ash Withey. Students would need to have their own guitar to learn and practice with. Ash Withey has taught guitar for 5 years and has been playing guitar for over 10 years.




"Ash has been teaching my 12 year old son for a few months on both the guitar and keyboard. My sons attitude towards learning has improved greatly after lessons with Ash. He looks forward to the lessons as they are challenging, interesting and fun. He is always excited to share what he has learnt with me. Highly recommend to any parents."

Mrs Watkiss (Parent)


"I decided to take up guitar after my 27th birthday a few months back. Ashley is an enthusiastic teacher with plenty of patience. Lessons are fun with a mixture of current and older material to learn during the lesson but also at home. It's great when Ashley joins in & plays along with you - lots of fun! I would definitely recommend Ashley for lessons guitar lessons!"

Katie (Student)


"I would highly recommend Ash as a music teacher - my son (13 yrs old) has been learning keyboard with him for about 5 months and he really enjoys it. The best part of it is the way Ash makes it so interesting by interspersing learning chords and how to sight read with music by current artists and a variety of styles played along to backing tracks, also a bit of improvisation. Because Ash is so creative himself I think it helps in encouraging enjoyment and a more creative thinking. This is particularly good for someone his age as it makes practice much more enjoyable!"

Mrs Allen (Parent)


"Ash has been a brilliant teacher for my two children, especially Harvey, who is Autistic. He has wanted to try his best for Ash and has made incredible progress with his music skills and keyboard playing as a result. Highly recommended!"

Kate & Simon (Halesowen, UK)


"Ash has been teaching my son guitar for 9 months now (who turns 7 tomorrow) and he really enjoys his lessons. Ash works to his ability and age, whilst challenging him too and makes it fun. I would happily recommend him for tuition to anyone."

Mrs Collins (Parent)


"Just a quick note to say thanks for the great lessons, I am mega excited with how things are going with piano and producing. So if anyone is looking on this page and thinking of using Ashley as a tutor you should 100% speak to him, he's never let me down and puts up with all my crazy needs."

Peter (Student)


"Ash has been teaching my 13-year-old son for a few months now, on keyboard. I could see a real change in my son’s attitude towards learning music, and his ability has improved greatly. He looks forward for the lessons and practices them without any prompt. Ash works towards the ability of the child, and I think he is an excellent teacher who encourages the child to achieve their maximum potential. Highly recommend to any parent." 

Mrs. Tamvada (Parent)


"Ash is a fantastic teacher. Such a pleasure to learn from him. He makes learning the keyboard so enjoyable and he is very patient. I am a complete beginner and in a very short space of time, I have learned so much from him. Already I am learning to read music. I could never have imagined reading and playing so much so soon. He is very encouraging and gives you confidence to play. Every lesson is so enjoyable. I am so happy I found Ash to learn from. I would absolutely recommend him for lessons. Amazing value for an amazing service!"

Sheila (Student)


"I have been learning to play Alto Sax with Ash since March.  He makes the lessons fun, yet challenging, balancing the need to learn the basics like scales, keys and timing with playing well known tunes that enable you to feel you are making progress and enjoying the instrument.  A real plus is that Ash has the techno-gadgets to produce music scores, backing tracks to play along to, and change the key and tempo to suit my growing ability."

Stephen (Student)


"You get so much more from Ash Withey than just music tuition. Alongside his great teaching, you get encouragement, moral support and a loads of patience. As a parent, I thoroughly recommend him."

Jasmine Waldegrave (Parent)


"I'd tried to teach myself to play piano in the past, but it was always on and off as I couldn't motivate myself to practise regularly. Ash gives me the motivation to improve my skills and with his help, I'm finally learning to read music, which is what I always wanted. The lessons are engaging and very varied; you'll go from note reading and scales to playing songs and improvisation. Ash can make a backing track on the spot and then send it to you for practising at home, it's great!"

Joanna (Student)


"Mr. Withey has been teaching my daughter for a year now, she has progressed not just in her skills but in her passion for her instrument and for music. She always finds lessons with Mr. Withey enjoyable and is motivated by him to practise and pursue her dreams."

Lexi Greenall (Parent)


I am very happy to recommend Ash to anyone who needs music lessons. Ash has been giving our 7 year old keyboard lessons for a few months. He is very good with children and makes the lessons fun. She really looks forward to his lessons and using his method of teaching she is learning to read and understand music very quickly.

June Hodgetts


"I was given a block of guitar lessons with Ash Withey as a gift from my family and have had four so far. I have wanted to play guitar for many years but for one reason or another it never happened and at 52 years of age I felt that I never would. Ash has a structured yet patient, relaxed manner of teaching guitar with  simple targets that are revisited at the beginning of the next lesson before moving on. This is ideal for an absolute beginner like me. He is obviously a skilled musician and uses recognised songs to teach the notes, chords and scales you need. Even after the first lesson I was playing elements of ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries which has been built on in subsequent lessons. I feel that after years of abandoned attempts  to learn by myself, I now have some direction in practice  and look forward to each new lesson. I would recommend Ash as if you are looking for a guitar teacher."

Robert Miller, Registered Nurse